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​Lawn problems have already been surfacing all over Virginia. A recent article from VA Tech supports our lawn program and recommendations. The recent heat wave combined with thunderstorms is causing multiple problems for cool season lawns.

First, not all lawn stress issues are diseases. Most are actually more closely aligned to poor soils.

“Limitations in a soil due to inappropriate nutrition or pH, low water holding capacity, or soil compaction are going to be exaggerated under temperature extremes, even with the rainfall we have received, soils will dry out very quickly where root zones are shallow.”

Clay soils have poor root penetration and thus shallow roots, making them prone to drought damage.

Our first objective is to fix the soil. With improved soil come improved results

“it will help over time by conducting soil tests, and improving the physical and chemical properties of the soil with an application of ¼’’ of quality compost 1-2 times annually to build up the organic matter in these low quality soils.’’

Compost acts much like a sponge, absorbing and retaining water and nutrients for your lawn to draw from over an extended period. Plus it provides the beneficial soil microbes advantage to multiple. Compost is organic matter.

Aerate and top dress with compost both fall and spring. 1.5 yards compost per 1000 square feet. Will equal ¼” and will provide a consistent but gradual improvement of your soil structure.

Diseases may be prevalent during our hot summer months. Rising temperatures combined with frequent rainfall or wet conditions create an environment capable of spawning many lawn diseases. Modify your watering as described below.

The most common lawn disease is Brown Patch. Fortunately, it does not typically kill the lawn completely. Once cooler weather returns the lawn usually recovers.

Jonathan Green Lawn Fungus Control is a broad spectrum systemic fungicide which usually knocks out the disease in one application. It can be re-applied after 14 days as needed if weather patterns continue or the disease persists. Being sysemic it can also be used as a "preventative", not just a "curative". It is safe for both cool and warm season grasses.

Tips for summer:

  • “Remove all traffic from the lawn areas and raise the mower height to the highest setting, or don’t mow until conditions moderate.”
  • “Refrain from mowing until temperatures moderate and the turf has produced distinctive new growth.”

“Don’t expect cool season lawns to look as good in the Virginia summer as they did in the Virginia spring. These grasses thrive in temperatures from 60-75 degrees.”

Cool season grasses will go dormant during summer heat stress periods. So:  “Grass doesn’t need mowing if it isn’t growing”

  • “Irrigate deeply and infrequently. Let your lawn enter its dormancy and stay off the lawn.  Practice deep and infrequent irrigation, thoroughly soaking the soil with as much water as it will hold, rather than frequent light watering.” Drive the roots deeper into the soil.
  • “Irrigate in the early morning to reduce the effects of wind and the leaf wetness period which can promote disease.”
  • “One advantage of dry conditions is that disease pressure is quite low. It is persistently hot, moist conditions that promote disease.”
  • “If you have had a history of white grubs, or see an inordinate amount of beetles, you may have a grub problem later in the summer. “ Late July through August is the best time to treat for grubs.
  • “Refrain from using nitrogen fertilizers in an attempt to rejuvenate your lawn. Your lawn cannot efficiently utilize the nutrients.” Plus, untimely growth will create a new demand for water.

Useful Products:

*Soil pH test – No Charge!!!  Let us reveal the secrets of successful lawns to you. Bring in a full 16 oz cup of soil for testing and measure your square footage of the sample area.

*Fast Acting Lime – 30 lbs $12.99 Calcium based supplement for adjusting pH.

*Jonathan Green - Lawn Fungus Control 5m $22.99, and 15m $49.99. Can be used as a preventative or curative.

*Bonide Infuse Systemic Disease Control RTS 32 oz $24.99 for hose end sprayers.

*Jonathan Green - Love your soil, Love your Lawn 5m $29.99 and 10m $56.99 is a soil conditioner with humic and fulvic acids to enhance soil microbe activity. Any time is a good time.

*Jonathan Green - Mag-I-Cal -  5m $19.99   Calcium based supplement for pH adjustment.

*Ironite – granular supplement for improving Iron and greening lawns without stimulating growth. 20 lbs $18.99, 40 lbs $32.99

*Ironite Plus - liquid supplement for hose end sprayers $14.99.

*Compost – bulk: Bio Com, Organa Grow, and Mushroom Compost = organic matter to improve poor soils. The good stuff.  Call for pricing.

*Compost - bagged: Soil builder 40 lb $4.95, Just Natural Mushroom Compost  ¾ cf $4.45, Just Natural compost from cow manure 1cf $3.45, Just Natural Soil Conditioner 1.5cf $3.99, Peat Moss 2.2cf $14.50, 3.8cf $21.99, Jolly Gardner Garden Soil 1cf $5.99 and Just Natural Organic Soil $3.69.

Summer Lawn Diseases

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