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Tools are the cornerstone of every project, including landscaping. There is an old adage which states "You can smile at the register when you buy a cheap tool, but you will cuss whenever you use the tool. Or, you can fuss at the register but smile for years when you use a quality tool." So the quandary becomes our ability to find quality at a "value." Values can be different depending on the need we have for the tool. Something we will use daily or frequently may be worth buying the top line, for when you spread the cost over the number of uses its value continues to increase. Something you use occasionally a more moderately priced tool may be appropriate. We rarely advocate cheap tools as they seldom perform to expectations. ​

It is a buyer's responsibility to find quality at a fair price. Truper Tools have provided just that. We stock a quality line of long handled tools which sell at modest prices. Look for added features like an extended step on shovels or reinforced collars. Corona continues to be one of the best companies for pruning equipment at modest prices. A California based company offering quality tools with the ability to get parts if needed, which may extend the life of your tool.

Curve-Rite aluminum edging: This is the best edging on the market. Strong, flexible, doesn't rust, easy to install, easy to connect. This edging comes in 16' lengths by 4" wide with 5 stake slots built in, stakes included. Connections are seamless as it slides into itself via two little tracks in the edging. It does not need additional stakes to connect it, connections are essentially invisible. It has a baked on finish paint job which doesn't scratch easily. It is available in 4 colors, although we prefer the bronze as bronze disappears from view the best, and the edging shouldn't be the most visible part of a landscape. It is flexible enough to transport in the back of a pick-up truck curved inside the bed. Lay it back out upside down and it straightens up flawlessly. It is great for keeping stone and mulches separate from lawns and beds.

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