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We have made BIG changes in Garden Center!!

*All plant sales are final and we do NOT warranty our plants*

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3 gallon Firepower Nandina $16.95 each

3 gallon Knock Out Roses $19.95 each

​7 gallon Assorted Crepe Myrtle $32.95 each

We are now offering 'Wholesale Direct' prices to ALL, YES ALL of our Valued Customers! This means that retail and wholesale customers will all pay the same 'Wholesale Direct' price in our nursery! 

*All plant sales are final and we do NOT warranty our plants*

Garden Center Services

*Nursery stock is only available at our Yorktown location!!*

*Nursery stock is subject to change depending on availability and season*

Seasonal color - (including but not limited to)

-Fall: Pansies & Snapdrgons

-Spring: Begonias, Impatiens & Lantana

We have a large selection of perennials to include:

Black-Eyed Susan, Blanket Flower, Candytuft, Coneflower, Coral Bell, Daylilly, Gaura, Ground Covers, Helleborus, Hosta, Obedient Plant, Ornamental Grass, Phony, Red Hot Poker, Salvia, Sedum, Spiderwort, Verbena & much more! 

Some of the shrubs we carry are:

Abelia, Althea, Arborvitae, Aucuba, Azaleas, Barberry, Blueberry, Boxwoods, Butterfly Bushes, Camellias, Cleyera, Cypress, Euonymus, False Cypress, Fatsia, Forsythias, Gardenias, Hollies, Hydrangeas, Junipers, Ligustrums, Loropetalum, Nandinas, Oleanders, Palms, Podocarpus, Roses, Spirea, Tropical Hibiscus, Viburnum, Vines, Weigela, Wisteria, Yucca and much more!

Our large tree selection includes:

Birch, Cherry, Crepe Myrtle, Dogwood, Japanese Maples, Magnolia, Maple, Oak, Pear, Red Bud, Willows and much more!

Just to name a few of the items you may find in our nursery:

Yes, we have plants!! Now is the time to plan your outing. You could say, 'pack a lunch' because here at Peninsula Hardwood Mulch we have a lot to share with you. Not only do we have the kind of knowledge that only comes from experience, the hands-on kind that can guide you through any of your gardening projects. Here, now, we are bringing to you the tricks of the trade.

Within our expanding nursery you will find plants to amaze you. For every location there is the right plant. We have the new and unusual items to make your landscape not just complete, but unique. We feature a diverse selection of plants intended to satisfy your gardening desires. Expect to see quality. expect to learn. Expect new plants. Expect to generate new ideas. And expect to do all of this with sincere service. We are caring for our plants because they will be yours next. We want you to have success at gardening and we are going that extra mile. Come see how we are creating a new standard for Gardening Centers, all with you in mind. And our evolution has just begun.

And if we don't have it now, through our plant search program we will try to locate it for you. We have filled many special orders for customers and we are pleased to be able to do so.

The next general topic of design. We can show you how plants fit together to compliment your landscape without creating high maintenance issues. We can plan the transformation of your ordinary yard with all its maladies into your own social garden.


A key feature in you landscape is outdoor living space. These typically include some hardscaping. We have all the products to merge your lifestyle with the great outdoors such as patios, pathways, firepits, walls and more! Whether you prefer natural flagstone, pavers or even gravel, we have the best options including professional edging. Retaining walls or freestanding walls are no problem. Firepits, patios and paths come in many colors and textures.

We can guide you around common mistakes so your finished projects stand the test of time. We can help you make it happen!

So, stop in today to see what we have to offer you for your landscaping needs!

*Nursery stock, pavers and flagstone are only available at our Yorktown location!!*

Our Nursery Wonderland

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