Fertilome Rooting & Blooming Soluble Plant Food

This product is 'water soluble' and loaded with phosphorus, which is one of the three primary nutrient elements needed by plants. Phosphates are responsible primarily for the development of plant roots and blossom set. Plant roots store the nutrients for plants consumption as well as absorb both the water and nutrients plants need. Thus, when you have a strong root system you will also have a vigorous plant.

Blooms are what make us happy, as everyone loves color on flowering plants, but also for fruit set on fruiting plants. Without blooms, there will be no fruit. More blooms, more fruit.

Fertilome Rooting and Blooming contains 58% phosphates. In liquid form (soluble in water) it is absorbed instantly, and results appear rapidly. Water soluble fertilizers only last 7-10 days and need to be reapplied routinely as a result. But, those results are immediate and incredible.

​Mix in water and water in or spray on foliage for foliar feeding. You can use as a soil drench too when planting. 

Gonzo Gopher/Vole shield

This is a new stainless-steel weave mesh bag to slide over the roots of plants for use in new plantings. The 'bag' is expandable to accommodate growing roots, does not rust in the soil and has enough lip to fold over the top and pin down (with anchor pins) preventing access from the surface. We are currently stocking two of the three sizes available with the 1 gallon and 5 gallon on hand. We can order 15 gallon size if requested. This is far more convenient then making your own wire mesh bag which was always difficult to work with.​​

Natural Guard Spinosad

Spinosad is one of the best new Organic Insecticides because it is a biological control. Spinosad is not harmful to beneficial insects. It covers a wide range of chewing insects such as Bagworms, Japanese Beetles, Borers, Leaf Rollers, Thrips, Spider Mites, Moths, Tent Caterpillars and more. It comes in a concentrate and can be applied using various types of sprayers. It can be used on Fruit and nut trees, veggies and herbs, lawns, ornamental's and tropical's. This is a great product for the ecology minded gardener.

MouseX Rodenticide

This is a new rodent control which is revolutionary in concept. This is non-toxic, not a poison, and therefore safe for pets, livestock, children and wildlife predators. Even if your pet were to eat some, no harm would occur. Rodents have a unique digestive system. MouseX coats the lining of the rodent's lower gut and thus causes the rodent to stop drinking. This leads to dehydration and eventual death. It is made from natural grain and cereal materials, which does not have the same effect on other animals and is organic. It is also biodegradable and can be used indoors or out. Use it in bait stations where you would normally use poisons. A typical mouse would need to consume 10-15 grams of products, so try to make it the primary food source for them. Remember that voles are mice and it will have the same effect on them.

Jonathon Green Organic Insect Control

This Organic Insect Control has become one of our favorite lawn insect control products. It is derived from a blend of organic plant oils. It uses technology based on plants natural defenses to protect itself from insects and diseases. This biological formula has strong repellency characteristics keeping new bugs from entering the area.

     This product has no adverse effects on mammals, birds or fish, yet controls over 100 insects. Those include Ants, Fleas, Ticks, Chiggers, Spiders, Chinch Bugs, Grubs, Grasshoppers, Mealybugs and more.

     This is an easy to apply granular and should not be watered in. It can be reapplied in two weeks if necessary. One bag covers 5,000 square feet. For best grub control, focus on the end of August through September and March through April. The Grubs are closest to the surface making them more vulnerable. In September they are also at their youngest and easiest to kill.

Please feel free to contact us concerning any products or materials that we carry. 

Deer Scram

Are those neighborhood critters eating your prized Roses and everything

else? Try Deer Scram, recommended by landscapers everywhere! An easy to use product, that you just sprinkle around the plants you want to protect. It doesn't wash away and last about 45 days. Now available in 3 convenient sizes to meet your needs. It is all organic and has no bad odor, and works on rabbits too!

Corona Sharpening Tool

This 5" super carbide sharpener is ideal for sharpening all your cutting tools. It has a non-slip grip and fits in your pocket for easy carrying. Bring an edge back in a few simple strokes. 

In continuing to be your one stop shop for all your landscaping needs, we are always adding new products and material. By listening to what our customers need and want, we are expanding our product line. Below you will find some of the new products we have added. Please continue to check back with us to see what new products we have added.

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Dynamite Slow Release Fertilizers

​Slow release fertilizers are better for most plants in the landscape. The Nitrogen element is the key for determining Slow Release. In its natural state it is an unstable element and only lasts in the soil for 4 weeks. It releases all at once and after 4 weeks it breaks down and leeches into the water table. But coating the Nitrogen we can have it release in a controlled and timed process, keeping it in the soil longer and making it available for plants longer. This is a win, win, for both our plants and the environment. Using different sources of Nitrogen is another way. Different sources release at different intervals giving you a longer lasting feeding schedule. Most organics are in the second group. Vegetables are the primary group of plants needing quick release fertilizer as their life span is short, thus faster release benefits them. All others improve with slow release.

     First, we have an Organic All Purpose Fertilizer which last 3 months. It also contains Calcium and Sulfur which are two of the more important 'trace or minor' elements. Organic fertilizers are recognized as beneficial for the environment. We are stocking this in a 1.25 lb shaker bottle.

     Second, we have a Premium All Purpose Indoor/Outdoor Fertilizer with both multiple sources of Nitrogen as well as polymer coating to give controlled release up to 9 months. This is all season long for most plants and contains 7 different minor elements making it a well-rounded fertilizer. We have this in a 2 lb shaker bottle and a larger 7 lb bag.

     Plants absorb and deplete nutrients from the ground as they grow. Replacing the nutrients ensures healthy plants.


Improve your plants survival rate in our hot, drought prone landscapes and containers. HydroStrech is a specially formulated soil amendment that absorbs and stores water and water soluble nutrients found in the soil. This nutrient rich moisture is delivered over time to the plants as it is needed. One application can last up to five seasons improving moisture retention for your plants. This is especially helpful in drought prone areas. Plants need water to survive.

     It is easy to use. For new plants just add the recommended dose in the planting hole under the new plant's root system. For existing plants make several small holes around the outside of the root ball and insert the recommended dosage into each hole and push it towards the bottom roots. In both cases water generously. The Hydrostretch absorbs and releases moisture over time.

Natural Guard Neem

Neem is a natural extract from the Neem Tree. It has been proven to deliver outstanding control of many diseases and insects, a natural multi use product. As Neem is an oil extract, application timing should avoid hot afternoons. Cooler mornings and evenings are better times to apply.

     Neem Controls some of the more difficult diseases such as Anthracnose, Leaf Spot, Black Spot, Powdery and Downy Mildews, Botrytis, Rust, Scab and more. It can be used as a preventative for many diseases as well.

     This product controls Spider Mites, Scale, Whiteflies, Beetles, Leafrollers, Aphids and more. It can be used as a Dormant Oil for over wintering eggs and various insects.

     Neem can be used on a wide variety of plants including fruits, nuts, veggies, herbs, roses, houseplants, flowers, trees and shrubs. It can even be used as a leaf polish on hardy plants. Do not spray when bees are present.

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