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Landscaping Trends for 2016​

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I see four trends in landscaping at the present time.

First is the continued emphasis on dwarf plants. Dwarf plants are less likely to overgrow their space and become out of control. Dwarf plants often require far less maintenance than larger plants. And dwarf plants can be just as spectacular as larger ones. There is a great selection of dwarfs in many plant categories. Dwarf does not mean 3' x 3'. Dwarf is relative to its parent and mature size will vary.

Second is the incorporation of food bearing plants back into the landscape. Although due to high maintenance, fruit trees are still slow at gaining prominence, but there are some exceptions like Figs, Pomegranates, and Persimmons. Native blueberries continue to be popular and do well in a number of situations. Fruiting vines such as blackberries, which come in thornless, are gaining popularity. There is a new grouping of hybrid plants like Goji Berry, Haskap, and Brazelberries making their debut. Great opportunities to bring fresh back to your gardens.

Third is the addition of conifers into the landscape. Conifers are very winter hardy. The majority of conifers thrive in sun. Conifers have outstanding foliage color and are persistent all year, as most are evergreens. They are very stable in the landscape as they do not change much outside of growing a little larger each year. There are dwarfs in many size ranges, and a variety of foliage colors. Conifers have few disease problems and a very limited number of pest problems. Conifers generally need little maintenance so DO NOT prune them excessively. Conifers typically have a graceful growth habit. Try some today.

And the fourth is a continued interest for expanding your outdoor living areas. Patios, paths, fire pits, and sitting walls provide an opportunity to unite our homes to our landscapes, enhancing our lifestyles. Each year product lines get better, new products get introduced, and the value of our homes increase along with our ability to enjoy our outdoor living. If you lack the creative foresight, we are here to help.

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