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Do you have before and after pictures of your yard? Would you like your yard featured on our website? Please e-mail your pictures to for an opportunity to have your yard featured on our website and Facebook page! We look forward to seeing what changes you have made in your yard!

No matter what size the job is, we have you covered!

​Did you know that we offer FREE pH testing at all 3 of our locations? All we need is a 16oz cup or bag of your soil and the square footage of the area that we are testing for you. Feel free to bring more then just one sample, as the soil pH could differ from area to area in your yard. So bring a sample from the front and one from the back. The testing of your soil will be done while you are in the store so you don't have to wait long for your results. The option to drop your samples off and come back is always available as well.

Having the correct pH of your soil is very important. Without having the correct pH of your soil, you are wasting money when you fertilize your lawn. What happens is the nutrients from the fertilizer gets locked into the soil and is NOT released to the grass when the pH is off. Fixing the pH is as simple as a FREE pH test and some lime or aluminum sulfate if the pH is off. Then you will be moving in the right direction to a beautiful lawn!

​In September 2014 we expanded our business to help better serve you, our valued customer. We opened our third location which is located in Poquoson, VA. With this location we are now closer to our Hampton customers and in the heart of Poquoson. This location has just about all of our bulk materials and has a small showroom with lawn products as well. Feel free to stop in today to pick up that yard of mulch you need to freshen up your flowerbeds! We look forward to seeing you at our newest location, 412 Wythe Creek Road in Poquoson, VA.

The new things we have happening:

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