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New at Peninsula Hardwood Mulch this winter are some birding products. Birds are sought in nearly everyone's landscape to provide soothing harmonies, beautiful colors in motion, insect control and a sense of relaxation and pleasure. Although birds are wild creatures, they interact with us all the time. They take shelter in our trees and larger shrubs, they dine on the fruits provided in our landscapes, many of which we are not able to eat. Some birds consume pesky insects making our habitat more pleasant to occupy.

Birds are happy to oblige us by dining at the many feeder we can provide. Different birds prefer different seeds, so learning a little about the birds you which to attract may determine what seed you put out.

In winter, suet cakes are particularly beneficial as they combine the favorite seeds, berries and insects with suet which provides the birds with much needed insulation to withstand the winter cold. Friends of Flight suet cakes combine an assortment of seed types with a no melt suet, which helps reduce mess below when temperatures warm up. And the price is not bad either.....just $1.99 each with 6 flavors to choice from.

What about suet? Suet used to be thought of as only a winter bird feed. However, today's suet is useful year round. In spring, it meets the increasing high energy demands of nesting birds. In summer it supplements food sources for insect eating birds, especially in years with low insect counts (hope we get one of those). In fall, suet helps birds store fat for both migration and winter itself. And of course, in winter suet replenishes depleted stores of energy and nutrients.​

Yes, suet is made from fat, often rendered animal fat, sometimes vegetable fat. This may sound disgusting, but it is an important part of a bird's diet. Fat is one of the three important sources of calories, aka energy. Fats provide more than twice the energy of proteins and carbohydrates of equal weight. This is important for birds as their metabolism is extremely accelerated, and fat energy helps them sustain energy levels between meals.

For the Birds - Suet

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