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Here it is…………The next Hottest plant on the market!!!

A new introduction from the Southern Living Plant Collection, Sunshine Ligustrum is going to make a believer out of you. Sunshine is a compact, evergreen, small leaved, tough plant that can be accommodated in any sunny garden. Growing to about 4-6’ tall and wide. It has a rounded habit and growth rate is moderate, and maintenance is minimal.

 But you need only to look at it to see the fabulous color it provides. Absolutely stunning, bright yellow leaves cover this hot little shrub. It is so bright you think it is in bloom. It looks like your Forsythia is blooming all year. It is that bright. It is not gaudy like some bright plants can be though. In the fall and winter the yellow foliage will turn to an orange hue adding more seasonal interest.

Sunshine will not be reseeding itself around your landscape as currently no flowers have been produced. But, the foliage alone is a stand out. Come see for yourself.

Being new, quantities may be limited.

Sunshine Ligustrum:

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Hosta, originally named Funkia, is probably the most favorite shady perennials around. Recognized by pretty much everyone, Hostas have been a main-stay of the garden for years. A few varieties are sun tolerant, but if not certain, plant them in shade.

Hostas come in many sizes and colors. There are 5 size groups ranging from miniature at 4-6", small at 7-10", medium at 11-18", large at 19-28" and graduating to giant which exceed 28".

Color schemes include blue shades, chartreuse shades, green shades, light center variegations (medio variegated) and dark center variegations (marginal variegated).

Hostas also have different leaf shapes ranging from very narrow to big bold wide leaves. Some are cupped.

Although Hostas are considered drought tolerant, they do tend to perform much better when provided with consistent moisture.

Hostas have bloom spikes reaching 30" tall and come in lavenders, purples and whites. Many are fragrant. Bloom time for most is May, yet some are later. But the foliage itself is by far and away the most prized attribute. 


You have probably heard of Echinacea as nutrition supplements. Come see the fabulous array of "Coneflowers" available today. Coneflowers got their name from its large daisy style flowers having a bold "cone" bristling from the center. Many have petals which arch downwards while others are held flat. Now we have double flowers giving even more impressive shows.

Coneflowers vary in height from 18" to 36", and come in many colors. Coneflowers in yellow, orange, red, pink white or raspberry on stiff stems make a show in any sunny garden, while also adapting to light shade. They make great cut flowers and small birds, particularly Finches, love to eat the seeds right off the flowers.

Coneflowers are very tough, taking our summer heat and reblooming effortlessly. With over ten varieties available  you are sure to find one that pleases you! 


The name remains the same, commom name that is. Botanists have re-classified this plant as they have done with many others. Formerly Tritoma, now is called Kniohofia. Isn't that helpful? Red Hot Poker, Poker Plant or Torch lily has always stuck with it though, as the blooms resemble fireplace pokers.

​This plant is as tough as any. It tolerates baking sun, very sandy soil, salt spray and drought. There ae some variations in colors available, although most still follow the red-orange and soft yellow combination.

Palnts can get large with arching strap like foliage spreading 3' wide and blooms reaching 3' tall as well. These plants get more impressive each year adding more bloom stalks, and the Echo series will rebloom in early summer and can reach 4' tall.

Set your garden on fire with you own Red Hot Poker!

Red Hot Poker Plant:

Featured Plant Spotlight

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