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The latest wave of Loropetalum, also known as a Fringe Flower, to hit the market is the Jazz Hands series. This boasts a good selection of new and interesting varieties.

First will be Jazz Hands Mini. Mini is smaller than Crimson Fire reaching about 1.5-2' x 2.5' wide. Crimson Fire gets about a foot larger. This is an improvement over the previous dwarf called Purple Pixie which had a very weak root system and high mortality rate. Mini has shown to have a good growth habit with no dieback issues, consistent purple foliage and a hot pink fringe flower.

Jazz Hands Variegated is a mid size variety with variegated new growth giving it a mottled look. It is compact at 4' x 4'. It is likely that due to the variegation it may require some shade come summer time. The variegation may diminish as the leaves mature. Otherwise expect variegated purple foliage and hot pink fringe flower.

Jazz Hands Variegated

 Nandina Domestica Alba aka Aurea depending on your source and point of view, is an old variety not grown much. Fortunately, we now have a couple sources for it, so it is more consistently available and getting nicer plants as the demand grows. Alba refers to white and aurea yellow as the berries are considered either depending on your color perception. But these berries are prolific and a great contrast to other Nandinas or great when paired with darker foliages such as a Loropetalum. The foliage on this one remains green all year and does not change to burgundy in the fall, so contrast remains all winter. It is stately a 6' x 3'.

Jazz Hands Bold is a mid to large variety reaching about 6' x 6'. It boasts both large dark purple leaves and much larger hot pink fringe flower, at least doubling the size of previous varieties. Thus, Bold is aptly named. It is very stunning.

Nandina Twilight sports new growth which is variegated with white and pink foliage blended into the new growth. This will fade to green as the foliage matures, but each wave of new growth seems to show its variegation proudly. This is a dwarf variety averaging just 3' x 3'. The foliage is compact like Gulfstream. Fall color should produce burgundy foliage. It is probably good to provide a partial shade environment for this one. Variegations sometimes scorch in full sun during summer when it's hot. So far this one has had more limited suppliers, so grab them when they are in stock. The first ones sold quickly.

Jazz Hands Bold

Besides the popular Firepower and Domestic varieties, there are a few new additions to our line of Nandina this year. Nandina is commonly called Heavenly Bamboo as the foliage and canes resemble Bamboo, but without the invasive habit. In the Orient it is often planted near doorways to ward off evil spirits. The berries generally persist through winter, giving a long splash of color and useful in arrangements too.

There are two more in the series, Jazz Hands Dwarf Pink and Dwarf White. These mature at about 3' x 3' with the pink being a purple foliage with hot pink fringe flowers and the white having green foliage and white fringe flowers. So far, we have stocked the first three, but hope to add the dwarfs to our assortment soon.

Jazz Hands Bold
Jazz Hand Mini
Jazz Hands Bold

Nandina Domestica Plum Passion is a full-size variety which was very popular some 20 years ago. We were able to find it for many years. However, there is a limited supply at present. Plum Passion has bold purple new growth and purple fall color as opposed to burgundy. It is a tall variety and reaches to 8' x 3' but is very stunning. Currently only 10-gallon sizes are available, and you will not see this one much I suspect.

Most notable new variety is Burgundy Wine. Burgundy Wine is compact at 4' x 3' with new growth emerging a burgundy color and fading to green, burgundy fall color, a finer leaf texture, and a contrasting white berry. Both the size and contrast has made it a popular choice already this year.​

Jazz Hands Bold

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Jazz Hands Bold
Jazz Hands Bold

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