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Q: How much area will one cubic yard of mulch cover?

A: If you are covering the area with a 3" depth then 1 cubic yard of mulch will cover 100 square feet. If you only want to cover the area 2" in depth, 1 cubic yard will cover 150 square feet.

*3" of mulch is recommended in your flowerbeds to help retain moisture for your plants, to help with weed control and to keep your plants root system warm in the colder months.

Q: How often should I top-dress my flowerbeds?

A: It is recommended to top-dress your flower beds twice a year. It is most common to do this in the spring and then again in the fall.

Q: What type of soil should I should I use in my flowerbeds?

A: We have 2 different types of soil that we recommend for flowerbeds. The first is the Topsoil with soil Conditioner. This is an organic amended soil that is great for gardening. The second is the Topsoil Compost Blend. This is a 50/50 mixture of our Topsoil with Soil Conditioner and the Bio-com Compost. This soil with give your blast that extra boost of nutrients.

Q: What soil should I use in my vegetable garden?

A: Just like your flowerbeds, you can use either the Topsoil with Soil conditioner or the Topsoil compost Blend. The Blend will give your vegetables that extra boost of nutrients. 

Q: When should I top-dress my lawn and what should I use?

A: We have a few different materials you can use when top-dressing your lawn. The highest recommended one is the Bio-com Compost. You can also use the Organa Grow or the Mushroom Compost. Top-dressing is done most often in the fall when you are prepping your lawn for overseeding or starting over. You can however do this in the spring as well, being careful not to put the material to thick to smoother out your lawn.

Q: How many bags of mulch does it take to equal a cubic yard of mulch?

A: There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.

13 1/2 - 2 cubic feet bags = 1 yard

​9 - 3 cubic feet bags = 1 yard

Some formulas you may need to figure out the amount of material you need for your project:

Mulch: Length X Width / 100 = # of cubic yards for a 3" depth

​Topsoil: One Cubic Yard of Topsoil will cover 100 square feet 1" in depth.

Compost: 1 1/2 Cubic Yards of Compost will cover 1000 square feet top-dressed and 3 Cubic Yards per 1000 square feet tilled in 4-6 inches.

Stone: Length X Width / 9 X (inches) / 2000 = # of tons you need

          inches are as follows: 1"=110  2"=220  3"=330  4"=440  5"=550​

*If you have questions about any of the formulas listed or for more information, please call us at 757-898-3302.



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