•  New Lawns: Apply a 1" layer of compost to soil and till the compost in. The deeper you can incorporate the compost into the soil, the stronger root system you will have.
  • Topdressing:​ Core aerate the turf, then apply a 1/2" layer of compost. This will help replenish the soil microbes for nutrients uptake and improve water management.


  • Flower & Garden Beds: Apply a 1-2" layer to soil and incorporate to a 6-8" depth. Condition soil this way every year or 2 years. Plant flowers and water.
  • Trees & Shrubs: Dig a hole the same depth of the root ball and twice as wide. Mix equal parts compost and soil obtained from the planting hole. Place the tree or shrub in the planting hole and apply amended soil around the root ball. Firm soil occasionally and water.


100% recycled content, including (but not limited to) yard waste, paper, cardboard, pre- and post-consumer food and food processing waste and biosolids.

Bio-Com Compost is sold by the cubic yard and the 1/2 cubic yard for pick-up.

It is sold by the cubic yard for delivery.

It is also available by the 1 cubic foot bag.

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