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Here at Peninsula Hardwood Mulch, we realize not everyone has a truck or needs a bulk material. So, for those of you sporting passenger vehicles, and those only needing a small amount to do your project, we have many products available in bagged packaging! This is not counting fertilizers, various pest control and soil amendments, these products fall into 3 groups. These are bagged mulches, soils and stone, to which we include sand.

In the first group we carry 7 different mulches in bags. Some in 3 cubic foot, some in 2 cubic foot and Hardwood in both. Among the bagged mulches are Cedar and Cypress, noted for their golden color and fresh scent. In Pine we carry shredded Pine Mulch, Mini Nuggets and Large Nuggets. We also have Red Colorized mulch and the most popular Shredded Hardwood Mulch.

The next group is soils, which include composts and mixes. Mcgills Compost (aka soil builder) has replaced the popular Nutri-Green in 1 cubic foot bags. From Jolly Gardner we carry two potting mixes, one with a moisture enhancement, in a 1 cubic foot and 2 cubic foot size. We also have a 2 cubic garden soil mix which is great for flower beds and vegetable gardens. We have traditional Top Soil and Potting Soil in 1 cubic foot bag and Organic Compost from Cow Manure is in a .75 cubic foot bag.

All the bagged stone are Kolorscape are .5 cubic foot bags. We also carry white play sand and yellow sand. The white play sand is in a .4 cubic foot bag. Marble Chips and Mini Marble Chips are always popular for that white clean look. We have a Pea Gravel, River Pebble an Egg Pebble. And while supplies last we have a Sunset Riverstone and a Celtic Green Stone.

As you can see, we are trying to make it convenient to find solutions for all your gardening needs. Bring us your project and we will help see you through it! 

Bagged Material

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